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Monday, November 12, 2012

juxtaART in The Star || 6 July 2012 ||

Friday July 6, 2012
Marine art exhibition takes place at PWTC

FOR the first time in South-East Asia, renowned and emerging artists are collaborating with the Malaysian Dive Expo 2012 to showcase the largest marine art event titled “Graffiti, Pop and Contemporary Marine Art Show”.

The expo at the Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, from today to Sunday is by “Canvas of Nature”, a community established with the purpose of inspiring people to connect with the environment through art.

Painting by Ajim

At this first event, modern art meets scuba diving/ocean life. This fresh new take encourages art and marine lovers to support the artists as they showcase some of the most amazing art pieces of the underwater world.

Art and marine life lovers are in for a real treat as the splendour of marine life will be seen through graffiti, pop and contemporary artists.

The participating artists are Donald Abraham, Kenji, Raja Azeem Idzham, Anuar Abdullah, Escape and others who have made a mark in the Malaysian arts scene.

“This is a great platform for us as artists of all genres to showcase our talents as we take the public on an imaginative ride through the ocean world,” said Abraham.

Beauty of nature: A painting by Donald Abraham

Some of the activities at the expo include artists re-creating their impression of sea life, exhibition and sale of original artworks from participating artists, coaching session for students in T-shirt designing by Anuar Abdullah who is a professional diver, marine conservationist and artist and graffiti-themed artwork for diving gear by professional graffiti artists.

“Malaysians are blessed to be surrounded by waters that are rich with marine life. This art show will help create awareness on such beauty,” said Bumblebee Consultancy Project Manager Julie Wong.

For details, visit or call 012-387 3628 (Wong), 012-217 0135 (Sharon Choo) or 012-691 7281 (Christine Ng).

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