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Friday, March 18, 2011

Adieu Mademoseille Fleur (18 March 2011)

Mon cherie Fleur.. came into our home together with her 3 brothers. I discovered the kittens while I was doing my assignment in the middle of the night, March 2006. As their whereabouts revealed, their mother carried them outside. Their mom got ran over by a car, and left them orphaned on the ceiling. One of them died of unknown reasons, before their mother died. We didn't give it a name. We named the males Gabby, coz he's gebu (fluffy), and Max. It was I who named the only female Fleur. Fleur was lovable and playful. She suffered a few mishaps, yet still survived.. until today. She got ran over by a tow-truck (Gabby died coz he accidently got knocked by my dad's car. Max died coz he got ran over by a motorcyclist). She will be missed dearly..

(L-R) Fleur, Gabby & Max

Fleur kitten
A few days after we adpoted her.. still skinny..

Fleur with the Artist's pens

Fleur with the Artist's bubble wrap

Mademoseille Fleur was the inspiration behind PANDAmonium Series - CATS Special

Muka Muka Series 13

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