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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Dreams Sugarland Series

Sweet Dreams Sugarland Series 01
Acrylic on canvas
A wedding present for Muizzuddin Mahsin & Zaiwanis Erni Zainuddin

Sweet Dreams Sugarland Series 02
Acrylic on canvas
Each cupcake represents each season - spring, summer, autumn & winter
A VDay present from the Artist to his muse

Detail 1 - spring

Detail 2 - summer

Detail 3 - autumn

Detail 4 - winter

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juxtaART has used up it's 1GB photo storage. As this blog is a visual diary of juxtaART's journey into the abstract surrealist world of art, hence juxtaART.the sequel is born. All new entries will be uploaded there (click on the blue text above). Please continue to support juxtaART as we are committed in continuing to 'nganga'ing everyone.

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