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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

L'Amore Series

"The other side of my art.. showing the colour part of myself.. and most importantly is to show my love towards Natasha Ili Adnan" - Raja Azeem Idzham

Crayon on paper

Inspired by the newly-formed love between the Artist and his muse.

L'Amore Series 0.5

L'Amore Series 01

L'Amore Series 02

L'Amore Series 03

L'Amore Series 04

L'Amore Series 05

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juxtaART has used up it's 1GB photo storage. As this blog is a visual diary of juxtaART's journey into the abstract surrealist world of art, hence juxtaART.the sequel is born. All new entries will be uploaded there (click on the blue text above). Please continue to support juxtaART as we are committed in continuing to 'nganga'ing everyone.

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