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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Black Book

"The Black Book" is sketches/drawings from Azeem's collection of black sketchbooks. Most sketches/drawings are pre-juxtaART, during which most of his sketches/drawings were influenced a lot from his creative rebellion, heartbreaks and childhood dreams. Inspired a lot by Japanese manga and Hong Kong comics, Azeem develop his own style after years of doodling and sketching.



Dream home

Pirate Lady

His muse

Self protrait 01

The Artist

Self protrait 02

Mad Jester

JuxtaposeD 01

JuxtaposeD 02

JuxtaposeD 03

Death of A Queen

Lord Voldemort



JuxtaposeD 03



His muse

Raja Hisham Azaham sleeping


Self protrait 03

Juxta Family

Self portrait 04


Archi 01

Archi 02

Archi 03

Self portrait 05

Self portrait 06

JuxtaposeD 04

His muse

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